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though there are many buildings on the yakushi-ji (薬師寺) grounds, only the east pagoda, to-to (東塔), has survived wars and fires since the 8th century. formerly an imperial temple, yakushi-ji still serves as a site of buddhist worship.

like gango-ji and other temples located in asuka, yakushi-ji was moved from there to nara when it became the new capital of japan.

yakushi-ji is a nice temple with many renovated buildings. if you do not mind the new building look, then you should come here. 800 yen will grant you access into all the grounds. most are located just south of the station, the other are north and across the street. inside the two main buildings there are several beautiful striking buddha statues. some of the best i’ve seen. after visiting nara koen, this could be a great place to visit! only a few station away.

the trains can get you very close to yakushi-ji. just take the kintetsu nara line (近鉄奈良線) from tsuru-hashi (鶴橋駅) station on the kanjo-sen (環状線) in osaka; take the express to save time and pay the same price. in yamato saidai-ji station (大和西大寺駅) change trains and get on the kashi harasen line (橿原線) bound for kashi hara jingu-mae (橿原神宮前). get off at the second station, nishi no kyo (西ノ京). don’t get on the express train as it passes by this station. walk east of the station, away from the train tracks, and you will find the entrance on the right. it’s very close.

from this day, the photos i like most:

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more photos of the yakushi-ji temple:

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a map of the area, there are many UNESCO world heritage sites close by.

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further information:

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