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hokki-ji temple

unlike temples preceding it, hokki-ji temple was designed with the main hall to the west and the pagoda to the east.  a style which is now referred as hokki-ji.  built in 706, the pagoda is the oldest of its kind in the world.  just like horyu-ji, hokki-ji was founded by prince shotoku though it was not built until after his death.  this world heritage site was built on top of the okamoto palace where prince shotoku held lectures on the sutra.

this temple along with horyu-ji where the first sites inscribed into the UNESCO world heritage sites.

after you have visited horyu-ji, you can come to hokki-ji temple by boarding a bus for 170.  you can also walk here in less than 20 minutes.  hokki-ji is small and i wouldn’t recommend coming to this site if you are on a tight schedule.  however you can make your visit to this area a full day by visiting horyu-ji, hokki-ji, and some of the other temples in the immediate area.

the simplest way to get to hokki-ji temple from osaka is to take the JR express yamatoji (大和路) bound for kamo (加茂).  stay on this train until you reach horyu-ji station, about 35 minutes and 620 yen.  i you are in nara, board the same train but bound for ten-no-ji (天王寺).  its 11 minutes and 210 yen.  once at the station, there’s a tourism desk just past the ticket gates.  get your map and directions here.  they will point out which bus you need to board, which will take you to the entrance for 170 yen.  you have two other options as well.  you can take a casual 20 minute walk to the site, or even rent a bicycle near the train station for 200 yen per hour.  the entrance fee is 300 yen.

the pond on the grounds.

the lecture hall.

the shotendo hall.

the pagoda and lecture hall.

the pond to the west of the pagoda.

short video of the temple with a nice shot of the flowers out front.  :)

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